Can You Repair Windows?

Can You Repair Windows?

April 27, 2019

Almost everyone who owns a home will experience a broken window at some point. Whether the kids are playing catch a little too enthusiastically or a rock manages to get into the lawn mower, it’s fairly common for windows to crack. Even pressure from the surrounding air can cause a window crack. The glass used for home windows is usually stronger than other types of glass, but it is still fairly delicate.

If you have a broken window, you may be wondering if repairing the window is possible. For many smaller cracks or chips, it is possible to repair a residential window. Go through these steps to determine if professional window repair in El Paso, TX is the right choice for your broken window.

Determine if the window is worth repairing

Before you can find a contractor to fix your broken window, you need to decide if it’s possible to fix it. If the damage is too severe to repair, you may have to replace it, instead.

Some replacements are simpler than others and just require new glass. Others are more serious and need an entire new window. Shattered windows or deep, spreading cracks may not be good candidates for repairs. On the other hand, a smaller crack or chip can likely be repaired.

Contact a local window and glass company for a professional opinion on your broken window. Many professional companies, like David’s Glass and Mirrors, can help you determine if the window can be repaired before you have to spend the money to replace it. A reputable residential window company can also help make the repairs to your home’s window.

Beware DIY home window repair

Many homeowners try to repair a broken window in their home using do-it-yourself solutions. Some hobby or home improvement stores sell glass mending kits. Other commonly suggested solutions for repairing glass yourself include using clear nail polish or several layers of clear adhesive.

For small glass items such as a picture frame or inexpensive table insert, it may be possible to use these DIY techniques. For expensive home windows, however, it’s a much better idea to leave window repair in El Paso, TX to the professionals.

When a window is repaired, the glass becomes weaker, meaning it is more likely to break if met with pressure or an unexpected force. Additionally, an improper repair can actually lead to more cracking and may cause enough damage that replacement is necessary.

Repairing small to moderate window cracks

After contacting a professional to take a look at your window, they will help you decide if it’s possible to make a repair. Your glass technician will clean up the debris around the broken window and start the repair process. Once the repair is complete, you can feel confident knowing that the crack is sealed and your window will continue to protect your home from the elements.

Premium residential window repair in El Paso, TX

When repairing broken windows, you want to know that you’re getting the knowledge of an experience glass repair specialist. Contact David’s Glass and Mirrors, LLC today for all of your residential window repair needs.

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