Different Styles of Shower Doors

Different Styles of Shower Doors

April 3, 2019

If you’re redesigning your bathroom, you may be wondering what steps you can take to drastically reimagine the look and feel of your space. Replacing the shower door and enclosure can go a long way toward shaping the appearance of your bathroom. Some types of shower doors may even change the functionality of your space.

However, selecting the type of shower door that’s right for you can be a challenging endeavor. There are a number of different types of shower doors that may or may not fit in, both with your space and with your aesthetic objectives.

Before selecting shower doors in El Paso, TX, there are a number of things that you should consider. Most significantly, you’ll have to account for the configuration of your bathroom space. Additionally, you’ll have to think about the type of showerhead that you want to install, and consider whether it may spray past certain types of shower doors. Finally, you’ll have think about the ways that different types of shower doors may affect your ventilation. If a door is blocking airflow, it could propagate mold growth within your shower.

After taking into account the following considerations, you can begin selecting the style of shower door that is most likely to fully meet your needs:

  • Frameless shower door: These elegant, stylish shower doors consist of a single glass pane attached to a hinge. Commonly associated with more modern home styles, frameless shower doors swing out of the shower into the bathroom. There is no framing along the exterior of the glass panel, creating an effortlessly modern look.
  • Bi-fold shower doors: This shower door type consists of two glass panes on a sliding track. Bi-fold shower doors are best suited in smaller bathrooms, where it might not be possible for the door to swing out. Bi-fold shower doors are often the most cost-effective shower door type for many homeowners.
  • Curved glass doors: If you’re looking for a way to make your bathroom truly pop, go for the 3D look of a curved glass shower door. These are ideally suited for walk-in showers located in the corner of a room. Curved glass doors are inside a frame, and include a top and bottom.
  • Frameless enclosures: For larger bathrooms, a frameless shower enclosure can be a unique way to add a touch of elegance to your home. Like frameless doors, these consist of one or two suspended glass panes. Usually completely translucent, they can help you make a statement and demonstrate your modern sensibilities.

Since 2001, David’s Glass & Mirrors LLC has been a premier provider of shower doors in El Paso, TX. Our team possesses the tools, experience and expertise necessary to create and install any type of custom shower door. We’re proud to provide high-quality shower doors and enclosures to our client base. To learn more about the ways in which we may be able to help you make your bathroom dreams into a reality, reach out to one of our friendly, knowledgeable glass experts today.

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