Repair or Replace: Home Windows

Repair or Replace: Home Windows

May 10, 2019

Windows are one of the most beautiful features on your home. From comfortable bay windows overlooking the garden to full-length patio windows, the windows on your home provide light and fresh air throughout the house.

However, glass is a fragile material, and windows are prone to cracking and chipping. The window frames and features of your home can also be damaged, leading to other issues.

If you have a broken or damaged window in your home, replacing it or getting window repair in El Paso, TX as soon as possible is important to the safety of your family and home. A broken window not only looks less desirable, but it can pose safety hazards to children. Broken glass is usually sharp and hard to completely clean up. Additionally, a broken window may be seen as a weak point in your home’s security for intruders such as thieves.

For damaged or broken windows, it’s important to determine how you are going to fix the issues before they cause major problems. Check out these steps to determine if you can repair your windows or if they need to be replaced to fix the damage.

Deciding between replacement or window repair in El Paso, TX

The easiest way to decide if you should try to repair or completely replace a window is to contact a window and glass shop. Professional window technicians have the experience necessary to look at your window issues and advise you on repair or replacement options.

Some types of cracks or breaks in residential windows will need to be replaced with new glass. Other chips or small cracks may be able to be quickly repaired by a professional.

Common residential window problems

There are several common issues homeowners face with the windows on their homes. Although each case is different, the type of damage your windows have can help you determine if it will need to be replaced. Some types of window damage are more likely to be eligible for window repair in El Paso, TX than others.

  • Foggy windows: Foggy windows come from moisture forming between the panes of double-paned or triple-paned windows. Modern multi-paned windows are sealed permanently to prevent condensation between the panes. A foggy window likely indicates a broken seal and will require a full replacement to fix the issue.
  • Cracks in windows: Window cracks and chips are often able to be repaired. Small chips or cracks that haven’t had the chance to spread may be fixed by a window professional. Try to avoid DIY solutions for window crack repairs, as improperly fixing a window can actually make it weaker than before.
  • Windows not opening easily: Most common on older windows that have had sash tracks painted over, windows that are difficult to open or do not stay lifted open can usually be repaired. Sometimes internal parts of the sliding track for a window go out over the years. These parts are generally easy to replace without needing a completely new window.

Professional window repair and replacement for your home

Get an expert professional opinion on window replacement and window repair in El Paso, TX. At David’s Glass & Mirrors we can help you determine if your broken windows need to be replaced or repaired. Give us a call today!

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