Add a Pop of Color to Your Home

Add a Pop of Color to Your Home

August 1, 2019

Stained and painted glass are not limited to churches. It is becoming a strong option for home decorating. Painted glass offers a pop of color for exterior and interior features. The way it reflects light and even allows additional privacy make it a popular option for any home style. Here are five reasons to add painted glass in El Paso, TX to your home decor today:

  • Popularity: Building restorations seek to keep stained and painted glass, rather than dispose of it. This not only goes for exterior windows, but for interior features, too. The New York Ace Hotel contains a stained-glass ceiling that was cleaned up and maintained rather than ripped out. Other artists throughout the nation have made careers out of restoring and maintaining stained and painted glass because it adds a unique dimension to any architecture.
  • Light: You may have a fishbowl of a house and sometimes desire a little privacy. However, blackout curtains and closed blinds just feel isolating and dreary. Stained glass can be clouded to allow light to shine through but also assure your home does not become a viewing chamber. It can also make plain windows sparkle and allow new light dimensions into your home. Darker painted glass can let in light while controlling heat. Basically, painted glass can prevent your home from seeming like a tomb when all you desire is a bit of alone time.
  • Works for interior features: Many people associate stained glass with doors and windows, but it can expand to so much more. Interior walls pop when replaced with stained glass, and the effect often makes rooms seem bigger. You can also choose designs that evoke trees and natural landscapes to make the great indoors seem fresher and more open. Interior glass, much like painted glass windows, also refracts light and transmits sunlight into an assortment of patterns through your room.
  • Originality: When you order painted glass art, it is often made to order. The piece created for your home is one of a kind and designed to your preferences. Whether you like trees, geometric shapes or elements from the past, the stained glass is truly customized for your home and preferences. This is not an off-the-rack creation that could be seen in another home. It is your own special touch to make your space truly yours.
  • Time to update: Older homes may have painted glass that has either faded with the years or taken an unattractive turn. Solid amber windows may have been fashionable at one time, but now you may prefer your Queen Anne to have a bit more color. You can update painted glass with period-appropriate designs that highlight your home’s features while also matching your personal taste. While you may not want to choose a modern design for a period home, there are options that will match and still be an improvement over previous glass.

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