Do Vinyl Windows Last Longer than Other Types?

Do Vinyl Windows Last Longer than Other Types?

August 15, 2019

If you are looking at window replacement in El Paso, TX, it is likely that vinyl windows are on your list. Many traditionalists prefer wood and other window frame styles, but if you are looking for durability and style options, vinyl is an excellent choice. Most brands are designed to last 50 years or more. Here are five reasons why vinyl windows tend to last and make an excellent choice for any home:

  • Wood is vulnerable to the elements: Many homeowners choose wood for its beauty. It is especially popular with older homes, where people desire to maintain period elements. However, wood is vulnerable to moisture and heat. Within three years of installation, it will fade and crack. Wood windows require repainting and staining every three to five years, and even then, they will not last longer than 20 years—and that assumes the best circumstances. Vinyl maintains its color and does not warp in extreme temperatures.
  • Aluminum is not as durable as it looks: If wood does not work, aluminum seems like an excellent backup. It is more durable than wood and it does not seem as vulnerable to the elements. You may get 20 to 25 years out of aluminum. But hail and heavy winds leave dents in aluminum windows, and they are not easy to remove. Moisture buildup causes them to rust. It will not take long before your aluminum windows are truly looking used.
  • Weather resistance: Unlike the other two options, vinyl does not succumb to moisture. It does not warp, rot or rust. Vinyl does not absorb moisture like wood and aluminum, which is why it resists its effects. It will not fade in direct sunlight, no matter how many triple-digit days occur every summer. They can also withstand wind and hail. No matter the chaos of the weather forecast, your vinyl windows will look nearly new 20 years from now with no painting, staining or other maintenance other than a light pressure washing.
  • Energy efficiency: Vinyl is also known for energy efficiency. You have the option of double- or triple-pane windows with wood and aluminum, too, but only vinyl accommodates insulated frames. This reduces the amount of heated or cooled air that escapes your home. You will also be comfortable no matter the outside temperature, because these windows will keep it out.
  • Easy to get a custom look: Homeowners often assume that vinyl windows are limited in color and texture. They will often go with wood to match a period home. However, vinyl has nothing but style options. You can choose from many grid, glass and color options and find the best design for your home. There are even wood grain finishes that are nearly indistinguishable from real wood. If you want to preserve the character of your home, you can still do so with modern materials.

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