Six Signs of Improper Window Installation in El Paso, TX

Six Signs of Improper Window Installation in El Paso, TX

August 28, 2019

New home windows offer a host of benefits. They can lower your monthly energy bills, boost your curb appeal and let in more natural light, but only if they are of high quality and, more importantly, installed properly. Here are six signs of improper window installation in El Paso, TX:

  • Subpar appearance: Your new windows should look beautiful from every angle. They should be flush with the exterior wall and fit perfectly in the window sill. There should be no gaps showing anywhere, and the glass should be clean, free of streaks and damage and without blemishes that can’t be buffed away with a cloth and window cleaner. If you can, inspect the windows closely before installation. If you find a problem in the glass, raise the issue with your window technician.
  • Trouble opening and closing: High-quality windows should open and close very smoothly, especially when they’re brand new. Troublesome operation is a sign of problems, but some issues with functionality are not discoverable until the window has been installed. Right after the window is installed, test it. Focus on whether it’s difficult to open, close, lock or unlock. If left unaddressed, these problems may get worse. Worst-case scenario, your window may become completely inoperable in a short amount of time.
  • Air drafts: These days, quality windows are made with either double- or triple-pane glass. When installed correctly, you shouldn’t feel warm or cold air drafts coming in from around the window or through the glass. Another reason to hire a professional window installer is that they will make sure that the insulation around the window frame is good. Better energy efficiency means little to no unwanted outside air getting into your home.
  • Increased noise: A bad window installation will let noise into your house, and being able to hear sounds equally well whether the windows are open or closed can indicate poor installation. All the noise, from street traffic to neighbors talking to barking dogs, will fill your indoor living spaces and drive you crazy. One of the selling points of double- or triple-pane windows is their ability to keep outdoor sounds out of your home.
  • Uneven or missing caulking: Once your windows are installed, the insulation around them in place and the wall patched, the technician will add caulk. Caulk is applied around your windows as a line of defense against the elements. Failing or missing caulk may let water and air in through cracks in the walls, so check it before the installer leaves. Lines of caulk must be smooth and even, and free of holes and gaps.
  • Fog and condensation between the panes: Between the panes of new double- and triple-pane windows is a gas that insulates the window. If the gas is missing or the seal around the window pane is broken, moist air can get inside. This causes the window to fog up, which gets worse over time.

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