Five Tips for Year-Round Window Cleaning in El Paso, TX

Five Tips for Year-Round Window Cleaning in El Paso, TX

September 11, 2019

You probably know that one of the easiest ways to make your home look great is to dust and vacuum on a regular basis. Cleaning the interior and exterior windows of your house has the same effect. Read on if you want to increase window efficiency with minimal effort. Below are five tips for year-round window cleaning in El Paso, TX:

  • Wash like the pros: You might have seen videos online of professional window washers cleaning the windows of high-rise buildings. Their hands, holding squeegees and cleaners, appear to glide seamlessly around the windows from corner to corner. The result is a perfectly clean, streak-free window. To clean your own windows like a pro, you need to use the proper tools, like a good squeegee, and don’t use too much soap or cleaner. Plan to wash your windows when the sun is not shining directly on them so they don’t dry too fast and develop streaks.
  • Use cleaning products made for windows: While good old-fashioned soap and water can clean windows, it’s best to use a specialized window cleaner designed for long-lasting performance. You can also search the internet for a streak-free homemade window cleaner recipe. Make sure you know what you’re getting or using. Some products are meant to go on as a finish, applied after you’ve used soap, while others are soap substitutes. Ultimately, using the right cleaner can help your windows stay cleaner for longer.
  • Change your air filter: For the best results, clean the inside surfaces as well as the outside panes. Inside, dirt, dust, pollen and other particles float around, whether you can see them or not. To remove more dust from the indoor air, replace your HVAC air filter more regularly. Clean filters trap airborne particles, meaning you’ll have cleaner air to breathe and there’ll be less dust to land on your windows.
  • Clean window treatments: Another way to keep your windows cleaner for longer is to clean the things around your windows. This means washing drapes and curtains and wiping blinds with a damp cloth more often. Cleaning window treatments is far easier than using elbow grease to clean window glass every week!
  • Hire a professional: You have the option to hire someone else to wash your windows for you. If you have high or hard-to-reach windows, you might have a difficult time climbing up on a tall ladder to clean them anyway. This can also be an unsafe move for some people. Another reason to hire a professional window cleaner is to save time. A pro can come clean your windows on a set schedule while you go about your life as normal. Commercial property owners, meanwhile, can take advantage of professional window cleaning services to ensure their building always looks great and welcoming.

Regular window cleaning in El Paso, TX is an important chore for both homeowners and commercial property owners. It keeps windows beautiful, and glass in tip-top shape. Don’t hesitate to call David’s Glass & Mirrors LLC for all your glass needs!

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