Glass Repair in El Paso, TX

Glass is a beautiful, versatile material, but it’s also fragile. An errant softball can crash through a window, just as easily as a small crack can eventually shatter your glass tabletop. If and when your glass suffers damage, reach out to David’s Glass & Mirrors LLC for glass repair in El Paso, TX. We have the tools and experience to fix just about any type of glass, restoring its integrity and beauty.

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Window Repairs

When your kid’s baseball comes crashing through your living room window, give us a call! We’re equipped to handle all types of window repair in El Paso, TX. Regardless of what type of windows you have—single-pane, double-pane, storm windows or even energy-efficient panes—we’ll get a replacement fitted in no time. We promise your window will look brand-new and maintain all of its efficiency properties.

We can also repair damaged artistic glass, such as stained-glass windows. We’ve worked with area churches, municipal buildings, homeowners and other clients to restore their damaged stained-glass art.

General Glass Repair

Aside from windows, we’re capable of cutting, beveling, shaping and customizing all types of glass replacements. From your broken glass tabletop, to damaged shower door glass, to a deteriorating mirror and more, come to us for glass repair no matter the nature of the glass or the damage. We take pride in our work and guarantee results that leave your glass looking good-as-new.


Restore Your Glass

Regardless of the type of glass you need repaired or the extent of the damage, trust David’s Glass & Mirrors LLC. Our workmanship speaks for itself and our track record of satisfied customers is proof of our abilities. Contact us today at 915-544-5457 and let us take a look at your glass, delivering the repairs it needs to be whole and beautiful again.

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