Residential Glass in El Paso, TX

There’s glass throughout our homes. From your mirrors and shower doors, to furniture glass and the windows in every room, glass is a beautiful material that brings life and light into our living spaces. If your glass becomes cracked, damaged or shattered, don’t wait to get a glass replacement in El Paso, TX. Regardless of the glass you need customized or repaired, David’s Glass & Mirrors LLC has the skills to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need.

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Our capabilities include customizing and personalizing glass for all of the following:

  • Windows & Doors:
    If your patio door is damaged or you need a single replacement window in El Paso, TX, give us a call. We can replace all types of glass—including double-paned and energy efficient glass—to restore the integrity, efficiency and beauty of your windows and doors.
  • Custom Shower Glass:
    One of our primary specialties is custom shower glass. Let us reinvent your bathroom with framed or frameless shower glass, for a sophisticated, appealing look that shows off the true potential of your bathroom.
  • Mirror Work:
    We’re equipped to create custom mirrors and even larger mirrored walls. We can etch in special designs, shape glass and frame it however you need, for a beautiful décor accent that adds depth and light to any space.
  • Sandblasting & Stained Glass:
    Our customization capabilities include sandblasted and etched glass, resulting in uniquely customized mirrors, windows and other glass fixtures.
  • Glass Tabletops:
    If you’ve got glass shelves or tabletops that have become damaged or need replacement glass, we’re able to provide it. Let us create an exact perfect fit, so you can enjoy your fixtures as they were meant to be used.

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David’s Glass & Mirrors LLC will make sure every glass surface in your home is pristine! From windows and doors to mirrors and shower doors, let us provide you with the glass it needs to look great. Reach us today at 915-544-5457 with specifications for your project.

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